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This Initiative was launched so that we are ready and responsive, now and in the future. In the short-term it will release data and comparisons based on the Local Report Cards. Long-term, it will advance the Ohio charter school brand, the truth about Ohio charter schools, as well as, commission research that will be strategically released.

The activities of this Initiative will be guided by a BCSB advisory committee, the Communications Task Force comprised of supporters coordinated by Sally Perz, Administrator, BCSB and President, Cardinal Learning, LLC. Initially these activities will deploy a group of professionals, all with significant experience in various aspects of the charter school movement: 

  • Catherine West, Communications and Government Relations Consultant; as spokesperson,

  • Marianne Lombardo (formerly with OAPCS) as researcher and

  • Maureen Harper, Vice President, Falls Communication, who will consult on media relations, benchmarking, branding, drafting, and social media as needed. 

BCSB greatly appreciates Tim Clements, Attorney, NICOLA, GUDBRANSON & COOPER, LLC, who will continue to consult on a pro bono basis as needed.  Additional professionals will be engaged to conduct research and other projects as recommended by the Communications Task Force.

Important information and documents released by the committee:

The initial release introducing the Task Force

BCSB in the News!

The complete analysis of LRC data

Community schools compared with the Big 8

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